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i have had this goddamn hard drive for less than a week I swear to god WHY IS IT ALREADY DEAD

I am going to go back to Staples and swapping it and then I think I am going to ask them very nicely to install it for me so I don't have to worry about the possibility that I fried it with static. s-sob.

...at least I have a cute new default icon that I am not using on this post because it is filled with too much anger. I NEED MORE ANGRY ICONS. I may shoop myself one really quick just for this post as I am that angry.

i don't even know anymore, seriously. rage + being up late = MASS CONFUSION
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Why do the buses on Sunday not start until it's too late for me to get into work in a timely manner :( I mean, I know why, but I reserve the right to whine about it even if mixing up the date in the trip planner and not realizing this until it was too late to change my work schedule was my fault SHUT UP ;;

Also, having bad eyesight combined with the microphone the drivers used to announce stops being filled with fail equals BAD. I missed my stop this morning because I couldn't read the sign until we were already going past it and ended up hyperventilating at the poor Starbucks employee who was getting me breakfast. STARBUCKS EMPLOYEE, IF YOU ARE SOMEHOW MAGICALLY READING THIS, you saved my butt and possibly my job by pointing me to the right bus.

In other news... does anyone know tips for faster threading? I can type at around 60-70 wpm, but stick me in a thread and I tag at the pace of a snail with ADHD :/ Part of it is overthinking my responses and hyperventilating way too much (I'M GETTING BETTER ABOUT THAT thank god) but there is also... Huh, actually I think that's it! Maybe I'm not beyond help \o/

AND NOW, a to-do list that everyone else can feel free to ignore/gaze upon in horror at my talent for procrastination.

...when I lay it out like this it my lazy is 20 times more obvious. )
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So my family is going to the beach house for a vacation next week for a week and a half! THIS IS GREAT AND AMAZING exept for the fact that I am not going. Thank you, work. This is not so bad; I can live with being alone in the house for a week... right?

The only problem is I'm going to have to bus into work. This means getting up at 4 to catch the 5 'o clock bus and praying nothing is late because that still means I get to work barely 8 minutes before my shift starts. This also means that I get home at 6 pm, upon which I get two hours of free time before I have to go to bed so I don't die of sleep deprivation from waking up heinously early to do it again.

NEXT WEEK IS GONNA BE HELL I-I am seriously considering asking for the time off, but I already went to Otakon and I don't have enough time and oh god why didn't I get my drivers license ;A;
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There is nothing quite like sitting in the sun, enjoying your sukiyaki bowl-thing... and then hearing a nervewracking BUZZ, looking down, and seeing a gigantic hornet less than an inch from your fork, clearly enjoying your sukiyaki just as much as you were.

i think i peed a little
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YOU GUYS. YOU GUYS OH MY GOD IT WAS AMAZING. s-so many people what aaaaaah.



As fun as it was, I'm kind of glad to be home. I am sore all over from walking and my stupid sexy boots not being broken in all the way, and I am EXHAUSTED. Sleeping in a room with 5 other girls is not conductive to rest. I am sad I don't get to hang with everyone in person anymore, but hey... that's what next year is for >D
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EPIC BOOTS AND DRESS HAVE ARRIVED!!! 8D 8D 8D ...except the boots are not epic at all because they are A: a size too big and B: still too skinny for my calves orz. THIS WAS VERY DISTRESSING until I realized the dress I ordered had gotten here three days ago (shut up I thought it was a book I had ordered. IT FOLDED UP SMALL) and it was ~*~EVERYTHING I HAD HOPED FOR~*~ and it is flattering and and and. 8'D I am going to be GORGEOUS at Otakon \o/ The best part (other than owning a gorgeous fancyish dress for the first time in my life) was noticing the price tag and seeing I had gotten it for a little less than half the listed price, FUCK YEAH.

In related news, I think I am going to try to head over to Hot Topic to get boots after work today LIKE I SHOULD HAVE DONE IN THE FIRST PLACE. I have to bus home insanely late anyway, since my parents are both going to see the American Idol concert that's in town and thus cannot give me a ride, so why the hell not. It's cheaper to do that then buy 'em off Ebay plus shipping, self, and I actually get to. Y'know, try them on. 9_9 Sometimes my own intelligence astounds me. Anyway, WE SHALL SEE IF MY QUEST FOR AWESOME BOOTS PROVES FRUITFUL.
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SO I OFFICIALLY HATE EVERYONE THAT WAS TALKING ABOUT BPAL IN FRONT OF ME IN CHAN NOW. I thought I was safe; I don't like perfume and my mother is allergic to them and I lie and say I'm allergic to them when really it's just to the aerosol crap in the spray ones.

And then I saw they had one called Black Opal and knew right away that I was doomed. Thanks. Thanks a LOT.

Sooo... I now have six imps being sent to me and I hope to god they get here before Otakon along with my epic boots and dress so I can dress up at least once because I KIND OF WANT TO LOOK NICE FOR CERTAIN PEOPLE :"> and also that way I can trade/sell stuff I don't like. Which will be a good thing if it turns out I've picked up Mom's allergies.

Anyway, here's what I got. )

In other news, I'm doing CFUW again! HERE'S HOPING I DON'T DIE THIS TIME o/ sob why is this game so hard for me

ETA: Now I'm looking at LUSH stuff. And there's a Lush store in the mall I hang out with before going to work some days. Like I will be doing tommorow.

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[livejournal.com profile] penumbrette GET!!1!

Holy shit, I've only been playing her for two days and I already love her to pieces. She's so much more social than 17, and I have a way easier time tossing her at random people than I do with Suki. gdit Suki ilu so much why you gotta be so difficult. ANYWAY here's to more threads with the shadowblob! And also getting the rest of the icons that I'm spawning for her drawn, too. I WANT MOAR ICONS and more importantly the edit and view icon thumbnail functions, but I'm not getting her a paid account until I have enough icons to justify it.

Man, I've been in kind of an artistic mood lately. First Vivian's ubergirly icons, and then I discovered custom lj headers AND NOW HER JOURNAL LOOKS BETTER THAN MINE DOES. Did... no it's still does. But yeah, that and figuring out how to do those little "I also play this character <icon>" boxes like the one that is now gracing all of my journals (except Suki, because I STILL haven't gotten hers in working order 8|) has made my week. It is also the reason I changed my layout IT CANNOT BE INFERIOR TO A RP JOURNAL LAYOUT that is dumb. So it gets to be chibideaths until I get enough time to draw custom graphics for it, too. It still looks better than the way it did, though.

In an related note, figuring out how to take the "powered by Livejournal" and the "designed by xxx" boxes offa these things made me feel badass. LOOK I AM A HACKER WANNABE

also guess how much sleep I've gotten in the past three days. HERE'S A HINT: if you guessed higher than 12 hours, you're wrong. ((spoilers: it's closer to 8. I think. SOMEWHERE AROUND 3-4 HOURS A NIGHT how am I even coherent oh wait I'm probably not. 8D))
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What is audiencing? )
The Three Commandments of Audiencing )
Other things to keep in mind )
Contacting the players )

To sum it up, I leave you with [livejournal.com profile] socchan's words of wisdom:

"As an audience member, my self-imposed guidelines are as follows:
* Offer advice/suggestions when I can
* Mock/heckle when I can't resist
* Don't take over threads/posts (for example, if I notice I'm being too active in a post and replying to just about everyone, I try to cut back)
* Stay out of locked threads/posts unless it's OOC or open to audience heckling; likewise, I am unable to lock posts myself (if a player does it it's okay, though I've yet to see "Locked to Audience" in any form)
* Don't give out spoilers unless a) the character(s) involved are okay with it, b) the character who wants to know can't find out any other way, or c) the character asks anyone who knows including audience/audience directly. Even then I try to avoid direct answers or only hint at them."

That's pretty much it! Remember to use common sense and your communication skills, and have a good time~ ♥

If you've got any suggestions, questions, or would like to point out how I terribly misworded/forgot things (which it is inevitable I have), just leave a comment and I'll make amendments wherever they're needed |D
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I WANTED TO DO A RANDOM SONG MEME just because I was bored :Db FEEL FREE TO STEAL IT I just took the first phrase or whatever from 10 random songs off of my "most played" list and stuck 'em up here. LET'S SEE HOW MANY OF YOU CAN GUESS JUST HOW BAD MY TASTE IN MUSIC IS :D


EDIT: You can already see I am a whore for covers :Db ALSO I will post links to these when I get home because I am generous and love sharing good music with others |D LINKS ARE UP I am doing them by artist name because that way I can do both the original and the covers.

In other news, I have gotten the best spam mail ever... at WORK. The subject was "We will return you the exciting feeling of mighty staying meatstick-champion!" TELL ME THAT IS NOT THE BEST EVER |D I'm still trying to figure out how it snuck past the spam filters.
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Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

[livejournal.com profile] cesia gave me: 17, Dragon Ball, Suki, Drawing, and Icons. LET US BEGIN and also watch out because I like to tl;dr at the drop of a hat.

words words words )

aaaand that's it! 8D


but the DBZ cast at camp may be about to take a sudden leap in growth, if all goes well. Specifically, it may be growing in ways that are RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS which more than makes up for my fail ankle 8D 8D 8D 8D 8DDDDD! GUYS HOLD ME
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  • My laptop stopped receiving power from the cord for a while, and then shut down halfway through saving an art thing I was working on.
  • Not getting to eat all of my delicious meatball calzone because it had to sit in the car while I was getting a pedicure.
  • Getting a pedicure and having the lady who was doing my feet comment about my leg hair when I was already feeling hugely selfconscious about it.
  • Having the same lady wax my nonexistent lip hair before I could stop her, all the while going "you have a lot hair." if it grows back all dark HEADS WILL ROLL oh my god
  • Smudging my sparkly purple toenail polish :(
  • Getting home and then being violently sick thanks to the delicious meatball calzone.
BRB, crying in a corner and then playing some videogames and pretending the goombas I'm jumping on are the pedicurist.
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no really look at this face. LOOK AT IT. Even my crappy camera phone cannot reduce the adorable that is THIS FACE:


In non-AAAH-MY-PIG-IS-ADORABLE-8D related news, I had an interesting conversation with my mother about roleplay the other day! She's never really understood the idea of it ("If you want to pretend to be someone else, why not do theater instead? :/"), but after some fumbling I managed to hit on why I prefer RP to say... theater, or writing. AND SHE UNDERSTOOD. I am so happy about this, there are no words :D I think the best part of that conversation was when I was trying to define an AU... and not only did she get it, she said "Oh, I know what that is, they did that in the new Star Trek movie :D" My family is filled with varying levels of geekery and I am SO GLAD ♥

Speaking of RP, I finally have some icons done for that Lugia OC I mentioned previously, as well as an account for her! Her account is [info]onewithwaves , which is a completely dorky reference to the song Ocean Soul by Nightwish. Also, her account has a prettier layout that this one does. CLEARLY I NEED TO FIX THIS except I cannot find any layouts I like anywhere so I'm going to have to suck it up and figure out how to make/modify my own. Sob. The other OC, a Mew, will get her own account as soon as the name is free (it belonged to an unused rp comm, but the moderater was kind enough to delete it so that I could have it. THANK YOU, MOD :D). Hers is currently the best name I have ever thought up and... is also a song reference. I LIKE SONG REFERENCES, OKAY. DON'T JUDGE ME.

...okay, I should go threadlog now. I've got like 15 tabs open for threads that need logging, and my OCD side will not let me close them until they are LOGGED, DAMMIT. Those fifteen tabs are not helping the way Firefox is hogging my poor lappy's memory. Whoever mentioned tree-style tabs in chat? SHOULD DIE HORRIBLY i have like 60 tabs open per window. And I have two windows open ahhhhhhh

Edit for PRESSING NEWS: ...there is an inch-long, blonde hair growing out of the side of my wrist. What the christ :/

Why is it that all my prank calls come one call before the end of the day. WHY. I got stuck with some kid who claimed he was getting his wireless from his uncle who lived next door. I called his bluff and asked to speak with the uncle and make sure we had permission to mess around in there because their router wasn't showing up on the wireless search. I got a very confused, slurring older man on the phone who kept repeating "You have permission" over and over, regardless of what I said. FOLLOW THIS WITH MAKING UP RANDOM NUMBERS FOR THE IP ADDRESS no seriously that conversation was amazing. I got him into ipconfig/all and asked him what his default gateway was... and he tells me that it's 400. Normal format is XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX, usually around the range of 192.168.something.something. When I mentioned this, he went NO WAIT IT'S 400.600.200.800 which. just. NO. Does not work like that. I love my job, but those end-of-the-day calls make me want to strangle things... and of course then I have to calm down and be nice to the next person, who actually IS the last call of the day. orz

Even better is getting home to find my pigs had somehow managed to drag the PLASTIC BAG filled with hay partially into their cage and had been chewing on it all day. I'm going to spend the next 24 hours biting my nails and hoping nothing gets stuck on the way out 8( Of course, the little idiots are currently frolicing around in the fresh hay I just gave them. WHY YOU GOTTA DO THIS TO ME, KIDS

On a lighter note: I AM ARTING! /o/ I've been wanting to create a couple of accounts for two veeeeeery very old Pokemon OC's to toss into [livejournal.com profile] pokedressing  for a while, but lack of icons has prevented me from setting that up all the way. I worked on possible iconsets on and off before deciding I hated the way they looked... and then I got the brilliant idea of looking for well-cropped icons in a similar style and ganking the pose/crop for reference. I'm already partly done with that; now I just have to think up a good username for a loli Lugia :D Still need to figure out the not!PB I'll being using for my Mew... I was thinking Suzumiya Haruhi, but she's a little bit too >8D. Ah, well. I'll think of something, eventually.

Oh, right. NOTE TO SELF: GO TO BED EARLY TONIGHT SO YOU CAN PICK BACK UP IN CFUD damn it is hard to be IC when you can't even tell what you're thinking, let alone the character. hurf durf
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Is there anything we can do, doctor?
Jason has never spoken a word.

There is an experimental treatment which
can be used to treat autistic children.

It is, however, very dangerous
and it might not help your son at all.
I'm willing to try it
if it's the only way to get my son cured.
Your son's brain will be hooked
to a helmet which uses electric shocks
to stimulate the brain.

It gives your son an impression of virtual reality
which will hopefully help him.
Hook him in.


That's all of my flailing for now. I hope you enjoyed it :)
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I've been wanting to try using this thing more often for a while now, but... well, I'm lazy and my life is pretty boring (except for when I hit random emo moodswings. I SEE YOU THERE, ANNOYINGLY WHINY LAST POST.) |D;;

And then the friending meme over at [livejournal.com profile] campersfuckoff popped up and I went :( I'd been passive-aggressively whining about "bawwww no one wants to be my friend bawwww" on and off for a while like a champion (WHY DID I NOT GET HIT FOR THAT. I honestly don't realize I'm being irritating like that until like a week later unless someone points it out to me. orz) and came to the sudden realization that DUH. I DON'T USE THIS LJ FOR ANYTHING SINCE I DON'T AUDIENCE ANYMORE... and who wants to friend an unused journal. Hello there, added incentive to post! So... here goes? :D;;

I got my first "Wii is not reading any discs... because it is upside-down" call in forever yesterday! I love those calls; they're invariably older men or women with very good senses of humor ♥ ALL IS WELL IN JOBLAND /o/

I'm also currently on an indie game kick, thanks to someone mentioning the amazing Eversion in [livejournal.com profile] campfuckudie's IRC channel. I watched a few playthroughs of it before deciding I would try playing it myself (and probably run away screaming-- I am a serious wuss when it comes to creepy games), and then got distracted and downloaded about half of the website it was hosted at :D;; I'll probably do reviewish things for those over the next couple of days so that I'll have company while I shiver in the corner going D8 why did I only download the bizarre creepy ones WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.

And of course I was an idiot last night and played one of the creepier games, thinking it was going to be all zen like the other games this guy programmed. OH, WAS I EVER WRONG. Of course, I played this about 30 minutes before I was supposed to go to bed. GOOD JOB SELF. Cue staying up until 2 am and having to resort to extreme measures to get myself to sleep (i-i kept closing my eyes and seeing the terrifying BAD END screen the game had askldfjs). I AM V. V. TIRED so I'm going to go have lunch and take a nap so I don't die later today. WHOO /o/

UPDATE: We just had a meeting that involved playing Jeopardy with technical facts about Nintendo's various systems. I was on Team Spam vs... Team Swine Flu. MY WORKPLACE IS AWESOME YOU GUYS

We lost, btw. They should have listened when I suggested Team Madagascar.
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I STILL FAIL ROYALLY AT CFUD my only hope right now is just that it's the wrong character. Only I don't want to give Rachel up, but AUGH

and oh GOD I'm meeting my asshole stepfather in a few days what was I thinking

why does everything suddenly feel like serious business make it go away

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Well. Going home this morning! ...to my home. Where I DON'T HAVE INTERNET AND THEREFORE CANNOT HANG OUT AT CFUD.

... *CRIES*

I'm sorry I didn't finish a lot of drawings for people. I was meaning to finish them yesterday, but then I got a video Ipod for my birthday and spent the rest of the day trying to get 'Charlie the Unicorn' on it 8D I BLAME THIS ON YOU.

So, bye all~ Hopefully I'll see you guys in a month or two.


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