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So I am just completely redoing this post because it was embarrassing how bad it was, past self what were you even-


(priced per icon)








I will crop/clean the icon for you for $.50, and do redrawing to get rid of obnoxious backgrounds/inconveniently placed speech bubbles, etc. or to add things like scars/LOVELESS EARS/expressions that the character never actually made in the source material that you desperately need for... well, it depends on how much you need me to redraw. I'll say $1-3. Also, I can do all of the above with larger manga art etc. if you, say, want a shiny new desktop image.

ALSO borders are optional! Just making that clear since I put them on all of my own icons.


ICONS: $2-9


The price range is pretty much for the same coloring styles seen above- if you just want a sketch, that's $2, line art, that'll be $4, flat coloring would be around $6, etc. If you've got a character with a lot of small details (accessories, TEN BILLION SCARS, or is nonhuman) I will charge more for that. Please also give me references- either canon art or a thorough description works! In the case of the latter I'll probably present you with a messy test sketch to confirm I'm matching up with your mental image.


I am not even going to pretend that I can do backgrounds right now. Super-realistic animals and robots are also pretty much out, but I am totally happy to do Pokemon. Or ponies, for that matter! Gimme all your cartoony big-eyed critters. Also, generally the simpler poses (such as these examples) will be under $10; more complicated poses or multiple characters will bump it up.

If you're interested, please feel free to either drop a comment here or email me at opalinesque at gmail! Thank you 'u'
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what is with me and my love for giant walls of text )

...Boy, I sure did just spend an entry talking about boring health and diet and shallow appearance things. I'M SORRY TO EVERYONE I AM ON THE FRIENDS LIST OF, I WILL STRIVE TO BE MORE ENTERTAINING IN THE FUTURE o7
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Today was my first day of vision therapy! I feel rather brain dead and my eyeballs hurt :(

more eyeball blather goes here )
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...My goodness, it has been a while since I've done anything in here. I blame Twitter and being too lazy to log out of my rp accounts because I have no computer (read: no LJLogin. I AM VERY LAZY, OKAY.) To those of you who are wondering who the heck just friended you out of nowhere: Hi, I'm Opal, I play the [livejournal.com profile] vocaloidressing friendly resident Frankenkaito. Feel free to friend or ignore me as you wish |>

ANYWAY, I AM SUPER EXCITE RIGHT NOW. I'm being evicted by May/June! ...which sounds like it should be bad, but A: it's from my parent's house and B: they are helping out a ton. SO MOSTLY IT'S JUST kyaaa kyaa getting away from my delightful family of way too many people. Jobfront is still nill, which is... not so good, but. I'll KEEP TRUCKING. Hopefully I can get something and prove I have learned how not to fail at being punctual so when I go to Nintendo to beg for my job back this year they'll take me. DREAM JOB, COME BACK TO MEEE ;A;

In other news, I got an eye exam today! It is the real reason I am posting this, as when I went to go tweet about it I realized it would be crazy spammy so. AN LJ POST! WHAT A CONCEPT.

...Thank you, LJ, for making me believe you had eaten my RP post by posting it to my OOC journal instead. Especially since you somehow did it while I was logged into a different account and then told me you couldn't post it because my password was incorrect.

\O_O/ I don't even know.


Jan. 27th, 2011 12:51 pm
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Okay, technically it is an old phone; my mother recently upgraded and gave me her old one. BUT FOR ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES IT IS A NEW PHONE that can download apps and access the internet and has a mini-keyboard attached so I can finally text (if my plan supported it, anyway) and oh, it also has GPS. GPS and Google Maps.


In completely related news, I went and got myself a twitter after I found myself updating my AIM status through my phone every thirty minutes. Same name as my journal, no clue how to link to it. ...Or do anything with it, really. ANY ADVICE AND GUIDANCE WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED.
However, my continued state of... aliveness is not the point of this post. The point of this post is that I am doing a huge room cleanup, EVERYTHING MUST GO! And in the process of cleaning, I am finding horrible testaments to my teenage years. For history, I am preserving them here before I toss them all into the trash :Db

So far I have found:

Exhibit A )

Anyway, now you know why I never, ever use "XD" emoticons: they remind me too much of being a dumb teenager 8|b
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Recently lost my job at Nintendo and have been super depressed so I've started playing Vocaloid fandom's answer to Frankenstein's monster on the internet. MY COPING SKILLS ARE THE BEST.

In the meantime, I probably won't be around much because I'm feeling so crappy and I don't want to accidentally take it out on people I like- if I am around and do snap at you I am really, really sorry.
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SO! My super-secret not-realized-until-partway-through-January New Years Resolution this year was to get down to a healthy weight. This is because I have a hormonal disorder that basically doubles as a pre-diabetic syndrome. WHICH HAS ALSO BEEN MAKING ME MISERABLE because side effects include the acne I've been battling for years and manly body hair and oh yeah, making it really hard to lose weight. Which is also another thing that has been kind of making me miserable! Just ask about the time I snapped my bed in half by sitting on it orz

Anyway, I've been slowly eating somewhat more healthily since about this time last year, and starting early January I started making efforts to eat more fruits and veggies/less sweets and processed carbohydrates, I started excercising while I was at work during lunch break... GOOD HEALTHY STUFF.

And then I went shopping yesterday and ended up feeling really bad about myself because nothing I ever like looks good on me. WENT HOME, TOOK SHOWER, did girly facemask and pampering to make myself feel better... and then I got on the WiiFit for like the first time since last year. AND.

I've lost 25 pounds since this time last year. 5 of those pounds have been since early January when I started excercizing and everything.

fuck yes
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Forgot to bring money to work, haven't had anything to eat today except a small bowl of instant oatmeal at 9 am this morning. It is now 1 pm and I am getting very dizzy. THREE MORE HOURS TO GO i hope call flow is light today

...maybe I should try making some of my instant breakfast mix with water, at least it would have stuff in it.
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MY SISTER IS VISITING and we have been having fun and today I got off early from work! SO I WAS GOING TO GO HOME AND SPEND TIME WITH HER and then I got home and slept for four hours while she went ">(" loudly at me. My solution to this was to pretend I would get up in just a minute, I promizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I AM THE CLASSIEST.

And then we watched Labyrinth and made homemade chai ice cream because there is nothing like delicious creamy goodness and hot manbulge. Or should that be hot manbulge and delicious creamy goodness? CLEARLY I AM STILL THE CLASSIEST.

Making icecream is such a pain though, I like frozen yoghurt better. Maybe I can figure a way to make chai frozen yoghurt that wouldn't involve cooking eggs and specific temperatures when our burners like to go straight to high and refusing to go lower. Or maybe a way that completely skips the cooking. Or maybe I should just mainline the chai. Mmmmm, chai.
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REASON NUMBER 1752 I LOVE MY JOB: the really nice dude on my row who brings in donuts on weekends made homemade potato stew/soup using an electric crockpot thingy AT HIS DESK and is now giving it to EVERYONE because the cafeteria is closed this week for the holidays.

IT HAS BACON IN IT. I don't think I even need to say anything else, omg. note to self: upload bacon icon when I get home
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Time for the busiest day of the year! HOPEFULLY WORK WILL NOT KILL ME wish me luck, guys 8D;;

I would really rather not die right now as there are Things I want to do when/if I get home. Like being a hippy and making homemade deodorant with BPAL. mmmmm, crafts |) OR EATING THAT CAKE I MADE LAST NIGHT. Guys, whipped cream is my eternal enemy, but I last night I LICKED THE BEATERS OF VICTORY and they were DELICIOUS :Db


Now to see if I make it through the rest of the week. ALSO, THIS CAKE IS AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS. AMAZINGLY. DELICIOUS. I may have gained ten pounds eating my tiny victory piece but I could seriously care less, omg. I am such a sucker for evaporated milk :9
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...MY BIRTHDAY WAS YESTERDAY lol I've been so busy up that I probably would have forgotten about it if my family hadn't reminded me. As it was, I ended up all but falling asleep when I got home from work anyway. WE'RE GONNA TRY AND DO BIRTHDAY THINGS TODAY INSTEAD. Maybe.

Anyway! Would any of the Seattleish people wanna hang out for a belated birthday-type thing?
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I DIDN'T LOSE THE JOB come the 25th I will be gainfully employed again. YAY MONEY! YAY EMPLOYEE DISCOUNTS! YAY HELPING OUT PEOPLE WHO NEED ME! I love my job :'D

Starting to notice and get really annoyed by the fact that I have Issues with threading/picking up in a timely manner (if I pick up at all!) DAMN MY FAR TOO SHORT ATTENTION SPAN. Seriously, if I can beat myself out of this habit I will be super happy.

I need to get off of my butt and play all of my characters, especially [livejournal.com profile] abyssgazesback. But that requires drawing more icons for him and I am lazy. ...I should also do that app for him but hnnnnngh nonCFUD apps hnnnnngh ridiculously long canon section hnnnnnngh. The fact that Yume Nikki scares me too much to let me play it doesn't help. Orrrrr the fact that have of the fandom has huge convoluted ideas and theories about what the game is about that they can play off of, while I just kind of sit there going "LOL I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING 8D durf hurf." Maybe I should essay...? BUT I'VE BARELY PLAYED HIM it would feel so weird 8|a

I want to get out of the house more. I've hung out with a couple of friends over the past few weeks and it's like "WOW PEOPLE i forgot people were fun 8D!!!" ...I also have this sneaking suspicion I made an idiot of myself more than once, but that isn't news at all :P I did discover I have a ridiculous love of dumb gossip, which makes me feel kind of dirty. I guess it makes sense, though? I never got to do that kind of thing in high school, so maybe my inner immature teenager just wants to catch up :|a Now that I know about it, at least I can be careful with it.
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...please please please don't let me lose my dream job because my phone is the biggest piece of trash on the planet. please.
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I burned myself in a heated (HURR HURR) argument with the coffee maker at work today. ALL I WANTED WAS DELICIOUS CHAI TEA SO I WOULDN'T FALL ASLEEP why you gotta do this to me, baby :'( My hand stings like a motherfucker and apparently I have a mild addiction to the smell of... idk I think it's the numbing stuff in the spray? I'VE SMELLED IT BEFORE IN LIKE LIQUID BANDAGE AND WOUND CLEANER it's kind of sweet. Aloe, maybe? Whatever it is I have been huffing that hand on and off all day like the freak I am |D

In other news, I'm on a huge iconning spree. I feel ~*~ARTY~*~ although I can't really tell if most of them are good, since I generally icon plain, silly things and doing the fancypants ~*~LIGHTING EFFECTS~*~ and ~*~BLENDING LAYERS~*~ is completely foreign to me. As are picking which fonts to use and stuff for TEXT ON ICONS it is like a whole new wooooooorld. WE WILL SEE, I GUESS. damn you, vocaloids fandom! I NEVER WANTED TO ICON BEFORE I MET YOU but now I am lost :'( I'm also finally starting to be able to tell what makes a crop good or not! FUCK YEAH SKILLS THAT WILL ACTUALLY BE USEFUL FOR... iconning for CFUD. Oh, self.

Speaking of icons, TakoLuka is officially my soul animal and this is my soul icon. For the very first time, I feel a connection with my default :') THANK YOU, TAKOLUKA!
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I would like to offer my sincerest apologies to all of the psychics I drove irreparibly insane this morning due to my loud and repetitive mental broadcast of "I Am An Octopus." Your sad tales will not be forgotten.

ETA: Now with EVEN MOAR octopus! guys I think I have found my new favorite "derp" icon :'D
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So the cookie recipe I wrote about in my last post is amazing and versatile and I HAVE SO MANY PLANS FOR IT. It is also HIGHLY DELICIOUS and thus I have had several recipe requests! SO HERE YOU GUYS GO:

Basic Cakecookie Recipe )

You can do a ton of things with this! My first try used devil's food cake mix and a cup of chocolate chips. Simple and all of them were gone in around a day XD The second batch was a little more complicated:

S'mores Cakecookies )

And there you go! HAVE FUN BAKING and in the meantime I am going to be scheming about what to do with the 2 boxes of red velvet cake mix we have in the pantry. Mmmmmm :9
So I have discovered the easiest, most delicious cookie recipe ever. That recpie made for what is easily the prettiest and most delicious batch of cookies I have ever made. CAKE MIX IS A WONDERFUL THING, YOU GUYS.

Equally awesome, I have discovered a really neat painting application for the Nintendo DS! It even records the drawing so you can watch how other people paint 8D I wasted no time in getting it on mine and abusing the hell out of it inbetween calls. NO LONGER AM I FORCED TO USE RIDICULOUS AMOUNTS OF POST-IT NOTES FOR MY STUPID DOODLES! I can be productive... or I would be if I knew how to color using no layers or undo tool. I AM SLOWLY LEARNING, THOUGH \o/

...however, instead of using this program to draw something nice, I decided to draw the thing that is currently scaring me out of my wits. THANKS, YUME NIKKI. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I... think I'll upload and post that when it is not 1:30 am and dark and scary out alsdkjfas fffffff

PS MY REPLACEMENT REPLACEMENT HARDDRIVE IS WORKING AFTER A LOT OF SWEARING AND ABOUT 10 MILLION BACKUPS let's hope it doesn't die right outside the 14 day period that I can return it to the store like the other one did. gdit electronics


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