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Today was my first day of vision therapy! I feel rather brain dead and my eyeballs hurt :(

more eyeball blather goes here )
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Why do the buses on Sunday not start until it's too late for me to get into work in a timely manner :( I mean, I know why, but I reserve the right to whine about it even if mixing up the date in the trip planner and not realizing this until it was too late to change my work schedule was my fault SHUT UP ;;

Also, having bad eyesight combined with the microphone the drivers used to announce stops being filled with fail equals BAD. I missed my stop this morning because I couldn't read the sign until we were already going past it and ended up hyperventilating at the poor Starbucks employee who was getting me breakfast. STARBUCKS EMPLOYEE, IF YOU ARE SOMEHOW MAGICALLY READING THIS, you saved my butt and possibly my job by pointing me to the right bus.

In other news... does anyone know tips for faster threading? I can type at around 60-70 wpm, but stick me in a thread and I tag at the pace of a snail with ADHD :/ Part of it is overthinking my responses and hyperventilating way too much (I'M GETTING BETTER ABOUT THAT thank god) but there is also... Huh, actually I think that's it! Maybe I'm not beyond help \o/

AND NOW, a to-do list that everyone else can feel free to ignore/gaze upon in horror at my talent for procrastination.

...when I lay it out like this it my lazy is 20 times more obvious. )
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So my family is going to the beach house for a vacation next week for a week and a half! THIS IS GREAT AND AMAZING exept for the fact that I am not going. Thank you, work. This is not so bad; I can live with being alone in the house for a week... right?

The only problem is I'm going to have to bus into work. This means getting up at 4 to catch the 5 'o clock bus and praying nothing is late because that still means I get to work barely 8 minutes before my shift starts. This also means that I get home at 6 pm, upon which I get two hours of free time before I have to go to bed so I don't die of sleep deprivation from waking up heinously early to do it again.

NEXT WEEK IS GONNA BE HELL I-I am seriously considering asking for the time off, but I already went to Otakon and I don't have enough time and oh god why didn't I get my drivers license ;A;
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