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Recently lost my job at Nintendo and have been super depressed so I've started playing Vocaloid fandom's answer to Frankenstein's monster on the internet. MY COPING SKILLS ARE THE BEST.

In the meantime, I probably won't be around much because I'm feeling so crappy and I don't want to accidentally take it out on people I like- if I am around and do snap at you I am really, really sorry.
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Time for the busiest day of the year! HOPEFULLY WORK WILL NOT KILL ME wish me luck, guys 8D;;

I would really rather not die right now as there are Things I want to do when/if I get home. Like being a hippy and making homemade deodorant with BPAL. mmmmm, crafts |) OR EATING THAT CAKE I MADE LAST NIGHT. Guys, whipped cream is my eternal enemy, but I last night I LICKED THE BEATERS OF VICTORY and they were DELICIOUS :Db


Now to see if I make it through the rest of the week. ALSO, THIS CAKE IS AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS. AMAZINGLY. DELICIOUS. I may have gained ten pounds eating my tiny victory piece but I could seriously care less, omg. I am such a sucker for evaporated milk :9
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...please please please don't let me lose my dream job because my phone is the biggest piece of trash on the planet. please.
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I burned myself in a heated (HURR HURR) argument with the coffee maker at work today. ALL I WANTED WAS DELICIOUS CHAI TEA SO I WOULDN'T FALL ASLEEP why you gotta do this to me, baby :'( My hand stings like a motherfucker and apparently I have a mild addiction to the smell of... idk I think it's the numbing stuff in the spray? I'VE SMELLED IT BEFORE IN LIKE LIQUID BANDAGE AND WOUND CLEANER it's kind of sweet. Aloe, maybe? Whatever it is I have been huffing that hand on and off all day like the freak I am |D

In other news, I'm on a huge iconning spree. I feel ~*~ARTY~*~ although I can't really tell if most of them are good, since I generally icon plain, silly things and doing the fancypants ~*~LIGHTING EFFECTS~*~ and ~*~BLENDING LAYERS~*~ is completely foreign to me. As are picking which fonts to use and stuff for TEXT ON ICONS it is like a whole new wooooooorld. WE WILL SEE, I GUESS. damn you, vocaloids fandom! I NEVER WANTED TO ICON BEFORE I MET YOU but now I am lost :'( I'm also finally starting to be able to tell what makes a crop good or not! FUCK YEAH SKILLS THAT WILL ACTUALLY BE USEFUL FOR... iconning for CFUD. Oh, self.

Speaking of icons, TakoLuka is officially my soul animal and this is my soul icon. For the very first time, I feel a connection with my default :') THANK YOU, TAKOLUKA!
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