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EPIC BOOTS AND DRESS HAVE ARRIVED!!! 8D 8D 8D ...except the boots are not epic at all because they are A: a size too big and B: still too skinny for my calves orz. THIS WAS VERY DISTRESSING until I realized the dress I ordered had gotten here three days ago (shut up I thought it was a book I had ordered. IT FOLDED UP SMALL) and it was ~*~EVERYTHING I HAD HOPED FOR~*~ and it is flattering and and and. 8'D I am going to be GORGEOUS at Otakon \o/ The best part (other than owning a gorgeous fancyish dress for the first time in my life) was noticing the price tag and seeing I had gotten it for a little less than half the listed price, FUCK YEAH.

In related news, I think I am going to try to head over to Hot Topic to get boots after work today LIKE I SHOULD HAVE DONE IN THE FIRST PLACE. I have to bus home insanely late anyway, since my parents are both going to see the American Idol concert that's in town and thus cannot give me a ride, so why the hell not. It's cheaper to do that then buy 'em off Ebay plus shipping, self, and I actually get to. Y'know, try them on. 9_9 Sometimes my own intelligence astounds me. Anyway, WE SHALL SEE IF MY QUEST FOR AWESOME BOOTS PROVES FRUITFUL.
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SO I OFFICIALLY HATE EVERYONE THAT WAS TALKING ABOUT BPAL IN FRONT OF ME IN CHAN NOW. I thought I was safe; I don't like perfume and my mother is allergic to them and I lie and say I'm allergic to them when really it's just to the aerosol crap in the spray ones.

And then I saw they had one called Black Opal and knew right away that I was doomed. Thanks. Thanks a LOT.

Sooo... I now have six imps being sent to me and I hope to god they get here before Otakon along with my epic boots and dress so I can dress up at least once because I KIND OF WANT TO LOOK NICE FOR CERTAIN PEOPLE :"> and also that way I can trade/sell stuff I don't like. Which will be a good thing if it turns out I've picked up Mom's allergies.

Anyway, here's what I got. )

In other news, I'm doing CFUW again! HERE'S HOPING I DON'T DIE THIS TIME o/ sob why is this game so hard for me

ETA: Now I'm looking at LUSH stuff. And there's a Lush store in the mall I hang out with before going to work some days. Like I will be doing tommorow.

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