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...MY BIRTHDAY WAS YESTERDAY lol I've been so busy up that I probably would have forgotten about it if my family hadn't reminded me. As it was, I ended up all but falling asleep when I got home from work anyway. WE'RE GONNA TRY AND DO BIRTHDAY THINGS TODAY INSTEAD. Maybe.

Anyway! Would any of the Seattleish people wanna hang out for a belated birthday-type thing?
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ahhh happy belated birthday anyway! hope you have a fabulous day ♥
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Happy Birthday! ♥

I WOULDN'T MIND DOING STUFF--though sob I don't actually know when I could. XD I have a shindig on Friday and by the time I get off during the week, it's too late to be bussing around anywhere. :|a IS YOUR WEEKEND FREE \o_O/

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I would totally do stuff but I leave Wednesday for two weeks so :x

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Happy belated birthday!
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Happy birthday!!

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I wish I lived in Seattle.

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Happy birthday!