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opalinesque ([personal profile] opalinesque) wrote2011-08-22 05:51 pm

why don't bodies come with instruction manuals.

So I apparently have either a milk or a wheat sensitivity/allergy! THIS IS NEWS TO ME! It would have been nice to have found this out sometime earlier— especially since it apparently caused the acne I have been trying to get rid of for over ten years ghsjakfdhhd. ...Not to mention a bunch of other itty bitty problems that have cumulatively made life a little less enjoyable, like my exercize induced asthma and my cripplingly painful periods and the digestive problems that I had been told I'd just have to live with.

And because I can never just sort of do things, I ended up going low carb at the same time and holy hell where did all this energy come from. I got tested for everything under the sun while I was in high school for why I was so tired all the time and suddenly I'm taking looooong walks and doing wall pushups when I'm bored (only because my arm muscles are too wimpy to do The Real Thing, but SOMEDAY...) and generally bouncing off of the walls. Also, bacon. And weightloss. Lots of it. (Which one, you ask? Both. >) )

While this is all amazing and kind of super awesome on many levels, it's also kind of... well, awkward. I've been doing research on food and how the body reacts to it and fallen in with a few forums for people who eat the same way, and as a result I'm secretly turning into this food activist thing! COMPLETE WITH YELLING AT THE TV WHEN IT TALKS ABOUT HOW OATMEAL AND WHOLE GRAINS ARE HEALTHY and just. Don't get me started on low fat. Which is all well and good while I'm by myself but I keep finding myself wanting to proselytize at friends and family and that is just obnoxious. At the same time, though... well, my younger brother is somewhere in the 300 pounds range, is ill all of the time, and kind of miserable. Mom actually asked me to try and get him to start eating like me. WHAT THE HELL DO I DO.

In other news, I GOT A HAIRCUT! My damn hair was almost to my butt and had become an utter pain, and I was finally feeling confident enough for a shorter cut, so. OFF IT ALL WENT! It was even long enough to go to Locks of Love (somewhere around 10 inches, holy balls), which made me pretty happy, even if the job they did with the resulting free haircut did not. But! I went to someone else who actually listened to what I said earlier today and now it is freaking adorable and does not require crazy amounts of time and/or product to look good. I WILL PRETTY MYSELF UP AND POST PICTURES LATER.

...Boy, I sure did just spend an entry talking about boring health and diet and shallow appearance things. I'M SORRY TO EVERYONE I AM ON THE FRIENDS LIST OF, I WILL STRIVE TO BE MORE ENTERTAINING IN THE FUTURE o7