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...My goodness, it has been a while since I've done anything in here. I blame Twitter and being too lazy to log out of my rp accounts because I have no computer (read: no LJLogin. I AM VERY LAZY, OKAY.) To those of you who are wondering who the heck just friended you out of nowhere: Hi, I'm Opal, I play the [livejournal.com profile] vocaloidressing friendly resident Frankenkaito. Feel free to friend or ignore me as you wish |>

ANYWAY, I AM SUPER EXCITE RIGHT NOW. I'm being evicted by May/June! ...which sounds like it should be bad, but A: it's from my parent's house and B: they are helping out a ton. SO MOSTLY IT'S JUST kyaaa kyaa getting away from my delightful family of way too many people. Jobfront is still nill, which is... not so good, but. I'll KEEP TRUCKING. Hopefully I can get something and prove I have learned how not to fail at being punctual so when I go to Nintendo to beg for my job back this year they'll take me. DREAM JOB, COME BACK TO MEEE ;A;

In other news, I got an eye exam today! It is the real reason I am posting this, as when I went to go tweet about it I realized it would be crazy spammy so. AN LJ POST! WHAT A CONCEPT.

Basically, my littlest brother has been getting vision therapy. His eyes don't play nicely with each other, among other things, so his depth perception is crud, his peripheral vision is also iffy, and he... he hates reading. (Which doesn't sound so bad, except we are a family of bookworms and half of the house's storage space is filled with BOOKS EVERYWHERE.) Anyway, I've always had spacial issues (lol how do I estimaet measuremants?), as well as a diagnosis for both ADD and Aspergers. My mom, being a psychology student and a great lover of help books (self and otherwise), had been reading research that linked those kinds of eye issues with ADD and autism spectrum disorder, so between that and my more obvious perception problems we decided it would prrrrobably be a good idea to bring me in to get a developmental eye exam.

THE RESULTS WERE. Well. V-very telling.

Apparently I just sort of... fail at vision. Not only am I nearsighted to the point where things start blurring a few inches away from my nose, but my brain literally does not know how eyes work :'D They were testing how well my eyes worked to follow things/moved together, and my poor mother took one look at how badly my eyes were spazzing out and looked like she was going to throw up. The doctor actually said that a one eyed person would be better off than me, because my two eyes were basically battling for dominance and giving me completely conflicting information in the process. Depth perception, peripheral vision, ability to focus for long periods of time, refocusing my eyes from one distance to another? Allllllll fucked in absolutely fascinating ways. (I like medical/psychological stuff, okay.)

My poor mother feels terrible. She knew I was super iffy about driving because I knew I would have problems both spacially and with focusing on all the things you need to keep track of while driving, but the doctor basically went "...yeah driving safely would be impossible right now." Also this was likely a huge contributor to my complete inability to do well at school for a number of tl;dr reasons. ...Which means it kinds of sucks to only find out about it now, but whatever! GONNA GET THERAPY! And then maybe the next time I try college I will be able to drive or even bike in and then not fail horribly at the actual schoolwork!

...Really, I'm just. Really, really relieved to know that no, something is actually wrong, I wasn't imagining things or making excuses for why things gave me trouble. IT ISN'T IN MY HEAD.

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