...Thank you, LJ, for making me believe you had eaten my RP post by posting it to my OOC journal instead. Especially since you somehow did it while I was logged into a different account and then told me you couldn't post it because my password was incorrect.

\O_O/ I don't even know.
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I DIDN'T LOSE THE JOB come the 25th I will be gainfully employed again. YAY MONEY! YAY EMPLOYEE DISCOUNTS! YAY HELPING OUT PEOPLE WHO NEED ME! I love my job :'D

Starting to notice and get really annoyed by the fact that I have Issues with threading/picking up in a timely manner (if I pick up at all!) DAMN MY FAR TOO SHORT ATTENTION SPAN. Seriously, if I can beat myself out of this habit I will be super happy.

I need to get off of my butt and play all of my characters, especially [livejournal.com profile] abyssgazesback. But that requires drawing more icons for him and I am lazy. ...I should also do that app for him but hnnnnngh nonCFUD apps hnnnnngh ridiculously long canon section hnnnnnngh. The fact that Yume Nikki scares me too much to let me play it doesn't help. Orrrrr the fact that have of the fandom has huge convoluted ideas and theories about what the game is about that they can play off of, while I just kind of sit there going "LOL I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING 8D durf hurf." Maybe I should essay...? BUT I'VE BARELY PLAYED HIM it would feel so weird 8|a

I want to get out of the house more. I've hung out with a couple of friends over the past few weeks and it's like "WOW PEOPLE i forgot people were fun 8D!!!" ...I also have this sneaking suspicion I made an idiot of myself more than once, but that isn't news at all :P I did discover I have a ridiculous love of dumb gossip, which makes me feel kind of dirty. I guess it makes sense, though? I never got to do that kind of thing in high school, so maybe my inner immature teenager just wants to catch up :|a Now that I know about it, at least I can be careful with it.
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What is audiencing? )
The Three Commandments of Audiencing )
Other things to keep in mind )
Contacting the players )

To sum it up, I leave you with [livejournal.com profile] socchan's words of wisdom:

"As an audience member, my self-imposed guidelines are as follows:
* Offer advice/suggestions when I can
* Mock/heckle when I can't resist
* Don't take over threads/posts (for example, if I notice I'm being too active in a post and replying to just about everyone, I try to cut back)
* Stay out of locked threads/posts unless it's OOC or open to audience heckling; likewise, I am unable to lock posts myself (if a player does it it's okay, though I've yet to see "Locked to Audience" in any form)
* Don't give out spoilers unless a) the character(s) involved are okay with it, b) the character who wants to know can't find out any other way, or c) the character asks anyone who knows including audience/audience directly. Even then I try to avoid direct answers or only hint at them."

That's pretty much it! Remember to use common sense and your communication skills, and have a good time~ ♥

If you've got any suggestions, questions, or would like to point out how I terribly misworded/forgot things (which it is inevitable I have), just leave a comment and I'll make amendments wherever they're needed |D


but the DBZ cast at camp may be about to take a sudden leap in growth, if all goes well. Specifically, it may be growing in ways that are RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS which more than makes up for my fail ankle 8D 8D 8D 8D 8DDDDD! GUYS HOLD ME
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no really look at this face. LOOK AT IT. Even my crappy camera phone cannot reduce the adorable that is THIS FACE:


In non-AAAH-MY-PIG-IS-ADORABLE-8D related news, I had an interesting conversation with my mother about roleplay the other day! She's never really understood the idea of it ("If you want to pretend to be someone else, why not do theater instead? :/"), but after some fumbling I managed to hit on why I prefer RP to say... theater, or writing. AND SHE UNDERSTOOD. I am so happy about this, there are no words :D I think the best part of that conversation was when I was trying to define an AU... and not only did she get it, she said "Oh, I know what that is, they did that in the new Star Trek movie :D" My family is filled with varying levels of geekery and I am SO GLAD ♥

Speaking of RP, I finally have some icons done for that Lugia OC I mentioned previously, as well as an account for her! Her account is [info]onewithwaves , which is a completely dorky reference to the song Ocean Soul by Nightwish. Also, her account has a prettier layout that this one does. CLEARLY I NEED TO FIX THIS except I cannot find any layouts I like anywhere so I'm going to have to suck it up and figure out how to make/modify my own. Sob. The other OC, a Mew, will get her own account as soon as the name is free (it belonged to an unused rp comm, but the moderater was kind enough to delete it so that I could have it. THANK YOU, MOD :D). Hers is currently the best name I have ever thought up and... is also a song reference. I LIKE SONG REFERENCES, OKAY. DON'T JUDGE ME.

...okay, I should go threadlog now. I've got like 15 tabs open for threads that need logging, and my OCD side will not let me close them until they are LOGGED, DAMMIT. Those fifteen tabs are not helping the way Firefox is hogging my poor lappy's memory. Whoever mentioned tree-style tabs in chat? SHOULD DIE HORRIBLY i have like 60 tabs open per window. And I have two windows open ahhhhhhh

Edit for PRESSING NEWS: ...there is an inch-long, blonde hair growing out of the side of my wrist. What the christ :/

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