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no really look at this face. LOOK AT IT. Even my crappy camera phone cannot reduce the adorable that is THIS FACE:


In non-AAAH-MY-PIG-IS-ADORABLE-8D related news, I had an interesting conversation with my mother about roleplay the other day! She's never really understood the idea of it ("If you want to pretend to be someone else, why not do theater instead? :/"), but after some fumbling I managed to hit on why I prefer RP to say... theater, or writing. AND SHE UNDERSTOOD. I am so happy about this, there are no words :D I think the best part of that conversation was when I was trying to define an AU... and not only did she get it, she said "Oh, I know what that is, they did that in the new Star Trek movie :D" My family is filled with varying levels of geekery and I am SO GLAD ♥

Speaking of RP, I finally have some icons done for that Lugia OC I mentioned previously, as well as an account for her! Her account is [info]onewithwaves , which is a completely dorky reference to the song Ocean Soul by Nightwish. Also, her account has a prettier layout that this one does. CLEARLY I NEED TO FIX THIS except I cannot find any layouts I like anywhere so I'm going to have to suck it up and figure out how to make/modify my own. Sob. The other OC, a Mew, will get her own account as soon as the name is free (it belonged to an unused rp comm, but the moderater was kind enough to delete it so that I could have it. THANK YOU, MOD :D). Hers is currently the best name I have ever thought up and... is also a song reference. I LIKE SONG REFERENCES, OKAY. DON'T JUDGE ME.

...okay, I should go threadlog now. I've got like 15 tabs open for threads that need logging, and my OCD side will not let me close them until they are LOGGED, DAMMIT. Those fifteen tabs are not helping the way Firefox is hogging my poor lappy's memory. Whoever mentioned tree-style tabs in chat? SHOULD DIE HORRIBLY i have like 60 tabs open per window. And I have two windows open ahhhhhhh

Edit for PRESSING NEWS: ...there is an inch-long, blonde hair growing out of the side of my wrist. What the christ :/

Why is it that all my prank calls come one call before the end of the day. WHY. I got stuck with some kid who claimed he was getting his wireless from his uncle who lived next door. I called his bluff and asked to speak with the uncle and make sure we had permission to mess around in there because their router wasn't showing up on the wireless search. I got a very confused, slurring older man on the phone who kept repeating "You have permission" over and over, regardless of what I said. FOLLOW THIS WITH MAKING UP RANDOM NUMBERS FOR THE IP ADDRESS no seriously that conversation was amazing. I got him into ipconfig/all and asked him what his default gateway was... and he tells me that it's 400. Normal format is XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX, usually around the range of 192.168.something.something. When I mentioned this, he went NO WAIT IT'S 400.600.200.800 which. just. NO. Does not work like that. I love my job, but those end-of-the-day calls make me want to strangle things... and of course then I have to calm down and be nice to the next person, who actually IS the last call of the day. orz

Even better is getting home to find my pigs had somehow managed to drag the PLASTIC BAG filled with hay partially into their cage and had been chewing on it all day. I'm going to spend the next 24 hours biting my nails and hoping nothing gets stuck on the way out 8( Of course, the little idiots are currently frolicing around in the fresh hay I just gave them. WHY YOU GOTTA DO THIS TO ME, KIDS

On a lighter note: I AM ARTING! /o/ I've been wanting to create a couple of accounts for two veeeeeery very old Pokemon OC's to toss into [livejournal.com profile] pokedressing  for a while, but lack of icons has prevented me from setting that up all the way. I worked on possible iconsets on and off before deciding I hated the way they looked... and then I got the brilliant idea of looking for well-cropped icons in a similar style and ganking the pose/crop for reference. I'm already partly done with that; now I just have to think up a good username for a loli Lugia :D Still need to figure out the not!PB I'll being using for my Mew... I was thinking Suzumiya Haruhi, but she's a little bit too >8D. Ah, well. I'll think of something, eventually.

Oh, right. NOTE TO SELF: GO TO BED EARLY TONIGHT SO YOU CAN PICK BACK UP IN CFUD damn it is hard to be IC when you can't even tell what you're thinking, let alone the character. hurf durf
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