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I've been wanting to try using this thing more often for a while now, but... well, I'm lazy and my life is pretty boring (except for when I hit random emo moodswings. I SEE YOU THERE, ANNOYINGLY WHINY LAST POST.) |D;;

And then the friending meme over at [livejournal.com profile] campersfuckoff popped up and I went :( I'd been passive-aggressively whining about "bawwww no one wants to be my friend bawwww" on and off for a while like a champion (WHY DID I NOT GET HIT FOR THAT. I honestly don't realize I'm being irritating like that until like a week later unless someone points it out to me. orz) and came to the sudden realization that DUH. I DON'T USE THIS LJ FOR ANYTHING SINCE I DON'T AUDIENCE ANYMORE... and who wants to friend an unused journal. Hello there, added incentive to post! So... here goes? :D;;

I got my first "Wii is not reading any discs... because it is upside-down" call in forever yesterday! I love those calls; they're invariably older men or women with very good senses of humor ♥ ALL IS WELL IN JOBLAND /o/

I'm also currently on an indie game kick, thanks to someone mentioning the amazing Eversion in [livejournal.com profile] campfuckudie's IRC channel. I watched a few playthroughs of it before deciding I would try playing it myself (and probably run away screaming-- I am a serious wuss when it comes to creepy games), and then got distracted and downloaded about half of the website it was hosted at :D;; I'll probably do reviewish things for those over the next couple of days so that I'll have company while I shiver in the corner going D8 why did I only download the bizarre creepy ones WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.

And of course I was an idiot last night and played one of the creepier games, thinking it was going to be all zen like the other games this guy programmed. OH, WAS I EVER WRONG. Of course, I played this about 30 minutes before I was supposed to go to bed. GOOD JOB SELF. Cue staying up until 2 am and having to resort to extreme measures to get myself to sleep (i-i kept closing my eyes and seeing the terrifying BAD END screen the game had askldfjs). I AM V. V. TIRED so I'm going to go have lunch and take a nap so I don't die later today. WHOO /o/

UPDATE: We just had a meeting that involved playing Jeopardy with technical facts about Nintendo's various systems. I was on Team Spam vs... Team Swine Flu. MY WORKPLACE IS AWESOME YOU GUYS

We lost, btw. They should have listened when I suggested Team Madagascar.
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