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Recently lost my job at Nintendo and have been super depressed so I've started playing Vocaloid fandom's answer to Frankenstein's monster on the internet. MY COPING SKILLS ARE THE BEST.

In the meantime, I probably won't be around much because I'm feeling so crappy and I don't want to accidentally take it out on people I like- if I am around and do snap at you I am really, really sorry.
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Forgot to bring money to work, haven't had anything to eat today except a small bowl of instant oatmeal at 9 am this morning. It is now 1 pm and I am getting very dizzy. THREE MORE HOURS TO GO i hope call flow is light today

...maybe I should try making some of my instant breakfast mix with water, at least it would have stuff in it.
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REASON NUMBER 1752 I LOVE MY JOB: the really nice dude on my row who brings in donuts on weekends made homemade potato stew/soup using an electric crockpot thingy AT HIS DESK and is now giving it to EVERYONE because the cafeteria is closed this week for the holidays.

IT HAS BACON IN IT. I don't think I even need to say anything else, omg. note to self: upload bacon icon when I get home
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Time for the busiest day of the year! HOPEFULLY WORK WILL NOT KILL ME wish me luck, guys 8D;;

I would really rather not die right now as there are Things I want to do when/if I get home. Like being a hippy and making homemade deodorant with BPAL. mmmmm, crafts |) OR EATING THAT CAKE I MADE LAST NIGHT. Guys, whipped cream is my eternal enemy, but I last night I LICKED THE BEATERS OF VICTORY and they were DELICIOUS :Db


Now to see if I make it through the rest of the week. ALSO, THIS CAKE IS AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS. AMAZINGLY. DELICIOUS. I may have gained ten pounds eating my tiny victory piece but I could seriously care less, omg. I am such a sucker for evaporated milk :9
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I DIDN'T LOSE THE JOB come the 25th I will be gainfully employed again. YAY MONEY! YAY EMPLOYEE DISCOUNTS! YAY HELPING OUT PEOPLE WHO NEED ME! I love my job :'D

Starting to notice and get really annoyed by the fact that I have Issues with threading/picking up in a timely manner (if I pick up at all!) DAMN MY FAR TOO SHORT ATTENTION SPAN. Seriously, if I can beat myself out of this habit I will be super happy.

I need to get off of my butt and play all of my characters, especially [livejournal.com profile] abyssgazesback. But that requires drawing more icons for him and I am lazy. ...I should also do that app for him but hnnnnngh nonCFUD apps hnnnnngh ridiculously long canon section hnnnnnngh. The fact that Yume Nikki scares me too much to let me play it doesn't help. Orrrrr the fact that have of the fandom has huge convoluted ideas and theories about what the game is about that they can play off of, while I just kind of sit there going "LOL I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING 8D durf hurf." Maybe I should essay...? BUT I'VE BARELY PLAYED HIM it would feel so weird 8|a

I want to get out of the house more. I've hung out with a couple of friends over the past few weeks and it's like "WOW PEOPLE i forgot people were fun 8D!!!" ...I also have this sneaking suspicion I made an idiot of myself more than once, but that isn't news at all :P I did discover I have a ridiculous love of dumb gossip, which makes me feel kind of dirty. I guess it makes sense, though? I never got to do that kind of thing in high school, so maybe my inner immature teenager just wants to catch up :|a Now that I know about it, at least I can be careful with it.
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...please please please don't let me lose my dream job because my phone is the biggest piece of trash on the planet. please.
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I WANTED TO DO A RANDOM SONG MEME just because I was bored :Db FEEL FREE TO STEAL IT I just took the first phrase or whatever from 10 random songs off of my "most played" list and stuck 'em up here. LET'S SEE HOW MANY OF YOU CAN GUESS JUST HOW BAD MY TASTE IN MUSIC IS :D


EDIT: You can already see I am a whore for covers :Db ALSO I will post links to these when I get home because I am generous and love sharing good music with others |D LINKS ARE UP I am doing them by artist name because that way I can do both the original and the covers.

In other news, I have gotten the best spam mail ever... at WORK. The subject was "We will return you the exciting feeling of mighty staying meatstick-champion!" TELL ME THAT IS NOT THE BEST EVER |D I'm still trying to figure out how it snuck past the spam filters.
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I've been wanting to try using this thing more often for a while now, but... well, I'm lazy and my life is pretty boring (except for when I hit random emo moodswings. I SEE YOU THERE, ANNOYINGLY WHINY LAST POST.) |D;;

And then the friending meme over at [livejournal.com profile] campersfuckoff popped up and I went :( I'd been passive-aggressively whining about "bawwww no one wants to be my friend bawwww" on and off for a while like a champion (WHY DID I NOT GET HIT FOR THAT. I honestly don't realize I'm being irritating like that until like a week later unless someone points it out to me. orz) and came to the sudden realization that DUH. I DON'T USE THIS LJ FOR ANYTHING SINCE I DON'T AUDIENCE ANYMORE... and who wants to friend an unused journal. Hello there, added incentive to post! So... here goes? :D;;

I got my first "Wii is not reading any discs... because it is upside-down" call in forever yesterday! I love those calls; they're invariably older men or women with very good senses of humor ♥ ALL IS WELL IN JOBLAND /o/

I'm also currently on an indie game kick, thanks to someone mentioning the amazing Eversion in [livejournal.com profile] campfuckudie's IRC channel. I watched a few playthroughs of it before deciding I would try playing it myself (and probably run away screaming-- I am a serious wuss when it comes to creepy games), and then got distracted and downloaded about half of the website it was hosted at :D;; I'll probably do reviewish things for those over the next couple of days so that I'll have company while I shiver in the corner going D8 why did I only download the bizarre creepy ones WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.

And of course I was an idiot last night and played one of the creepier games, thinking it was going to be all zen like the other games this guy programmed. OH, WAS I EVER WRONG. Of course, I played this about 30 minutes before I was supposed to go to bed. GOOD JOB SELF. Cue staying up until 2 am and having to resort to extreme measures to get myself to sleep (i-i kept closing my eyes and seeing the terrifying BAD END screen the game had askldfjs). I AM V. V. TIRED so I'm going to go have lunch and take a nap so I don't die later today. WHOO /o/

UPDATE: We just had a meeting that involved playing Jeopardy with technical facts about Nintendo's various systems. I was on Team Spam vs... Team Swine Flu. MY WORKPLACE IS AWESOME YOU GUYS

We lost, btw. They should have listened when I suggested Team Madagascar.
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