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Recently lost my job at Nintendo and have been super depressed so I've started playing Vocaloid fandom's answer to Frankenstein's monster on the internet. MY COPING SKILLS ARE THE BEST.

In the meantime, I probably won't be around much because I'm feeling so crappy and I don't want to accidentally take it out on people I like- if I am around and do snap at you I am really, really sorry.
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...please please please don't let me lose my dream job because my phone is the biggest piece of trash on the planet. please.
So I have discovered the easiest, most delicious cookie recipe ever. That recpie made for what is easily the prettiest and most delicious batch of cookies I have ever made. CAKE MIX IS A WONDERFUL THING, YOU GUYS.

Equally awesome, I have discovered a really neat painting application for the Nintendo DS! It even records the drawing so you can watch how other people paint 8D I wasted no time in getting it on mine and abusing the hell out of it inbetween calls. NO LONGER AM I FORCED TO USE RIDICULOUS AMOUNTS OF POST-IT NOTES FOR MY STUPID DOODLES! I can be productive... or I would be if I knew how to color using no layers or undo tool. I AM SLOWLY LEARNING, THOUGH \o/

...however, instead of using this program to draw something nice, I decided to draw the thing that is currently scaring me out of my wits. THANKS, YUME NIKKI. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I... think I'll upload and post that when it is not 1:30 am and dark and scary out alsdkjfas fffffff

PS MY REPLACEMENT REPLACEMENT HARDDRIVE IS WORKING AFTER A LOT OF SWEARING AND ABOUT 10 MILLION BACKUPS let's hope it doesn't die right outside the 14 day period that I can return it to the store like the other one did. gdit electronics
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