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i have had this goddamn hard drive for less than a week I swear to god WHY IS IT ALREADY DEAD

I am going to go back to Staples and swapping it and then I think I am going to ask them very nicely to install it for me so I don't have to worry about the possibility that I fried it with static. s-sob.

...at least I have a cute new default icon that I am not using on this post because it is filled with too much anger. I NEED MORE ANGRY ICONS. I may shoop myself one really quick just for this post as I am that angry.

i don't even know anymore, seriously. rage + being up late = MASS CONFUSION
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So my family is going to the beach house for a vacation next week for a week and a half! THIS IS GREAT AND AMAZING exept for the fact that I am not going. Thank you, work. This is not so bad; I can live with being alone in the house for a week... right?

The only problem is I'm going to have to bus into work. This means getting up at 4 to catch the 5 'o clock bus and praying nothing is late because that still means I get to work barely 8 minutes before my shift starts. This also means that I get home at 6 pm, upon which I get two hours of free time before I have to go to bed so I don't die of sleep deprivation from waking up heinously early to do it again.

NEXT WEEK IS GONNA BE HELL I-I am seriously considering asking for the time off, but I already went to Otakon and I don't have enough time and oh god why didn't I get my drivers license ;A;


but the DBZ cast at camp may be about to take a sudden leap in growth, if all goes well. Specifically, it may be growing in ways that are RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS which more than makes up for my fail ankle 8D 8D 8D 8D 8DDDDD! GUYS HOLD ME
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  • My laptop stopped receiving power from the cord for a while, and then shut down halfway through saving an art thing I was working on.
  • Not getting to eat all of my delicious meatball calzone because it had to sit in the car while I was getting a pedicure.
  • Getting a pedicure and having the lady who was doing my feet comment about my leg hair when I was already feeling hugely selfconscious about it.
  • Having the same lady wax my nonexistent lip hair before I could stop her, all the while going "you have a lot hair." if it grows back all dark HEADS WILL ROLL oh my god
  • Smudging my sparkly purple toenail polish :(
  • Getting home and then being violently sick thanks to the delicious meatball calzone.
BRB, crying in a corner and then playing some videogames and pretending the goombas I'm jumping on are the pedicurist.
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