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So I am just completely redoing this post because it was embarrassing how bad it was, past self what were you even-


(priced per icon)








I will crop/clean the icon for you for $.50, and do redrawing to get rid of obnoxious backgrounds/inconveniently placed speech bubbles, etc. or to add things like scars/LOVELESS EARS/expressions that the character never actually made in the source material that you desperately need for... well, it depends on how much you need me to redraw. I'll say $1-3. Also, I can do all of the above with larger manga art etc. if you, say, want a shiny new desktop image.

ALSO borders are optional! Just making that clear since I put them on all of my own icons.


ICONS: $2-9


The price range is pretty much for the same coloring styles seen above- if you just want a sketch, that's $2, line art, that'll be $4, flat coloring would be around $6, etc. If you've got a character with a lot of small details (accessories, TEN BILLION SCARS, or is nonhuman) I will charge more for that. Please also give me references- either canon art or a thorough description works! In the case of the latter I'll probably present you with a messy test sketch to confirm I'm matching up with your mental image.


I am not even going to pretend that I can do backgrounds right now. Super-realistic animals and robots are also pretty much out, but I am totally happy to do Pokemon. Or ponies, for that matter! Gimme all your cartoony big-eyed critters. Also, generally the simpler poses (such as these examples) will be under $10; more complicated poses or multiple characters will bump it up.

If you're interested, please feel free to either drop a comment here or email me at opalinesque at gmail! Thank you 'u'

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