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Today was my first day of vision therapy! I feel rather brain dead and my eyeballs hurt :(

They started getting that "YOU HAVE STAYED UP UNTIL 3 AM STARING AT A COMPUTER SCREEN" itchy tired feeling at like, 4 pm. This was after having done somewhere around 20-30 minutes of eye exercises at 11 AM. ...But at least they no longer feel like somebody punched me in them several times! One of the things they had me do ended up basically taxing my optic muscles so much, that is what it felt like. AND THIS WAS AFTER READING ONE LINE OF A CHART!

Speaking of, having weaknesses I'd been unconsiously compensating for/not noticing shoved in my face is kind of terrifying. One of the first things I was supposed to do was basically a series of "spot the differences" pictures, keeping one eye covered— something I'd been decent at, if not great. I was distinctly less decent without one eye; I was completely incapable at noticing differences that involved slight size differences between the two pictures until the therapist suggested comparing everything with surrounding objects. The other thing involved two grids, with one being close and the other far away; I'd read a letter off of the one close to me and then the corresponding letter off of the far and go back and forth. I managed about four letters before I started losing my place on the farther grid, and after around seven I had to stop because of the aforementioned feeling that the effort of shifting back and forth had given me two painful black eyes.

It was... a bit of a wake up call; I mean, no wonder Mom and the doctor who had tested my eyes were implying this had fucked me over schoolwise. If I'm having that (this?) much difficulty after switching back and forth a few times for a much shorter distance than, say, a school board and my paper, and a much shorter time frame than a full day of school (or even one class)... This kind of explains why I'd come home from class and go straight to bed half of the time 8|;;

I hope the mental exhaustion/physical discomfort gets better relatively quickly, though. Not wanting to do anything that requires the use of my eyes for the rest of the day is kind of a pain when my main joys in life are rping, reading, and drawing. ...BUT IN THE MEANTIME, I get to do this again tomorrow. By myself. PLACE YOUR BETS ON WHETHER TRYING TO SOLVE THE "SPOT THE DIFFERENCES" PUZZLES WITHOUT HINTS WILL DRIVE ME CRAZY :|b