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opalinesque ([personal profile] opalinesque) wrote2010-01-31 02:02 pm


SO! My super-secret not-realized-until-partway-through-January New Years Resolution this year was to get down to a healthy weight. This is because I have a hormonal disorder that basically doubles as a pre-diabetic syndrome. WHICH HAS ALSO BEEN MAKING ME MISERABLE because side effects include the acne I've been battling for years and manly body hair and oh yeah, making it really hard to lose weight. Which is also another thing that has been kind of making me miserable! Just ask about the time I snapped my bed in half by sitting on it orz

Anyway, I've been slowly eating somewhat more healthily since about this time last year, and starting early January I started making efforts to eat more fruits and veggies/less sweets and processed carbohydrates, I started excercising while I was at work during lunch break... GOOD HEALTHY STUFF.

And then I went shopping yesterday and ended up feeling really bad about myself because nothing I ever like looks good on me. WENT HOME, TOOK SHOWER, did girly facemask and pampering to make myself feel better... and then I got on the WiiFit for like the first time since last year. AND.

I've lost 25 pounds since this time last year. 5 of those pounds have been since early January when I started excercizing and everything.

fuck yes

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