opalinesque: (FIESTA!!1!)
opalinesque ([personal profile] opalinesque) wrote2010-01-19 10:50 pm


MY SISTER IS VISITING and we have been having fun and today I got off early from work! SO I WAS GOING TO GO HOME AND SPEND TIME WITH HER and then I got home and slept for four hours while she went ">(" loudly at me. My solution to this was to pretend I would get up in just a minute, I promizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I AM THE CLASSIEST.

And then we watched Labyrinth and made homemade chai ice cream because there is nothing like delicious creamy goodness and hot manbulge. Or should that be hot manbulge and delicious creamy goodness? CLEARLY I AM STILL THE CLASSIEST.

Making icecream is such a pain though, I like frozen yoghurt better. Maybe I can figure a way to make chai frozen yoghurt that wouldn't involve cooking eggs and specific temperatures when our burners like to go straight to high and refusing to go lower. Or maybe a way that completely skips the cooking. Or maybe I should just mainline the chai. Mmmmm, chai.

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